Hopper loaders/dosing units

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Hopper loaders for the central conveying

Various kinds of hopper loaders for the central conveying

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Hopper loader for central conveying SHINI

Hopper loader for central conveying SHINI, SHR 6U-E, year 2008

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Hopper loader Con-evator

Hopper loader Con-evator, Type GT5, 3x400V

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Hopper loader Polyforderer(1)

Hopper loader Polyforderer(1)220V, 600W

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Hopper loader Motan (2-9)

Hopper loader  Motan (2-9) Hopper loader number 5 has got a filter cleaner (the filter is cleaned before loading the material)

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Gravimetric dye dispenser FERLIN with a mixer for 2 components

Gravimetric dye dispenser FERLIN FGB-M05 with a mixer for 2 components, requires connection of electricity and compressed air

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Simar hopper loader (10-13)

Simar hopper loader (10-13) Electric with pneumatic valve control, for 2 components (with a percentage breakdown of 0-100%), with a filter cleaner, requires compressed air connection, two-turbine (very efficient), 1kW

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Hopper loader MINI FEED

Hopper loader MINI FEED for vertical injection cylinder

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Hopper loader Piovan (14)

Hopper loader  Piovan (14) Convector S23, 650W, with filter cleaner

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