Used peripherals for injection molding machines

TADplast offers used peripherals for injection molding machines, such as: rotameters, hopper loaders, dye dispensers, dryers, mold temperature controllers, hot runner controllers, proportional valves, conveyor belts, cooling units, robots and grinders.

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Mold temperature controller HB - THERM(16)

Mold temperature controller HB - THERM (16), hydrous type HB-W 140-12B, 12kW, 3x380V, 50Hz , 2/3 power- without two heaters

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Mold temperature controller HB - THERM(15B)

Mold temperature controller HB - THERM(15B), water, 140°C,type HB-W 140, 12kW, 3x380-420V, 50Hz, year 1997, suction function

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Mould temperature controller PIOVAN(PS10- PS17)

Mould temperature controller PIOVAN (PS10- PS17), water, model TW12, 400 V, 50 Hz, 12 kW, year 2005-2008


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Mold temperature controller SINGLE(31)

Mold temperature controller SINGLE (31) STL 150/1-9-20-K6 , water, year 2005, 6kW

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Mold temperature controller Tool -Temp(T2,T3)

Mold temperature controller Tool -Temp (T2,T3)water, 140 °C, type TT-156E, 10kW, 1995 year

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Dryer Reinhardt(24)

Dryer Reinhardt, type LTV 100S, 10kW, year 1972

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Dryer DIGICOLOR, D 608 without tank ,2001 year

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Dryer TORO-systems(3,4,4A)

Dryer TORO-systems (3,4,4A)TR-Dry-Jet, tank capacity ap. 16l, 2007,2019  year

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Dryer GERCO(18)

GERCO Dryer (18)Type W110-E, 3.5 kW heating power, tank capacity 50l, 1988 year

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Hopper loaders for the central conveying

Various kinds of hopper loaders for the central conveying

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